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Firewall II contains ingredients designed to alter the physical characteristics of water by chemically bonding with water molecules, holding water in suspension during heat attack. It is more effective than plain water or foam by providing greater adhesion to fuels especially in vertical vegetation and on smooth surfaces. Its effectiveness is increased by improved drop accuracy due to less turbulent drift and evaporations losses, thereby delivering more product to the advancing flame front, where it is needed the most.

The Punch

The “Punch” is the extra amount of water that can be placed and held on the flaming fire perimeter and adjacent fuels. It can absorb and overcome levels of heat attack that water and foam cannot. This is especially critical within the first ten minutes after a direct attack drop. With most fires being fought in the direct attack mode, Firewall II offers increased certainty of knockdown from single applications and the ability to directly take on greater fire intensities that is not possible with water or foam.

In the following example, Firewall II, even at a low mix ratio of 0.5%, maintains fuels above the moisture of extinction level for at least ten minutes, while water and foam evaporate almost immediately, leaving little product available for heat absorption.



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  • Engineered for use as a wildland fire suppressant
  • May also be used in structure defense
  • Excellent adhesion properties hold more water on fuels
  • When compared with water or foam, holds 3 times as much water on fuels
  • Non – corrosive, USFS approved for fixed tank and bucket helicopters and SEATs

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Environmentally Friendly

  • Approved on the USDA Forest Service Qualified Products List
  • Contains no ammonia, phosphates or nitrogen
  • Contains no bio-available ingredients
  • USFS has found it to be “practically harmless to young rainbow trout”
  • Fully degrades in 28 days of sunlight exposure
  • Is 99.5% water when blended at 0.5%
  • Buckets, tanks, equipment and aircraft are easily cleaned with a water rinse

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Value Added

  • A superior direct attack fire chemical
  • Costs less than half as much as retardants
  • Remains effective as a suppressant much longer than water
  • Leverages expensive aerial delivery into cost effective tolerances
  • Improves line building effectiveness