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Resource Officers

Superior Performance

  • Greatly Improves direct attack “Added Punch”
  • Substantially thicker film coatings
  • Sticks to fuels better than any other suppressant product
  • Viscosity of each drop can be regulated to desired results
  • Retains water more than 100 times its weight

Value Added

  • Costs significantly less than traditional long term retardants
  • Lowest cost available per finished gallon
  • Remains effective as a suppressant much longer than water
  • Leverages expensive aerial delivery into cost effective tolerances
  • Improves line building effectiveness

Environmentally Friendly

  • Approved on the USDA Forest Service Qualified Products List
  • Contains no ammonia, phosphates or nitrogen
  • Contains no bio-available ingredients
  • USFS has found it to be “practically harmless to young rainbow trout”
  • Fully degrades in 28 days of sunlight exposure
  • Is 99.5% water when blended at 0.5%
  • Buckets, tanks, equipment and aircraft are easily cleaned with a water rinse


resource officers