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Product Safety

When working with Blended Firewall II

  • The gel is an inert product and nontoxic. USFS testing has found it to be “practically harmless to young rainbow trout.”
  • Care should be taken when gel is applied to hard surfaces, as they may become slippery.
  • This gel is a homogeneous solution that will not damage gauges, valves or plumbing on engines and water tenders. Clean-up is a simple water rinse.
  • Cleanup of hands, clothing, and equipment is accomplished with a rinse of fresh water, and some rubbing. Dilution is the solution. Stubborn items can be soaked in water for a time, and then rinsed with clean water.

When handling Firewall II concentrate

  • Use non-slip boots and gloves
  • Use eye protection
  • Spills create very slippery conditions; wipe up immediately
  • Possible slight irritation to skin and eyes
  • Skin contact: wash with soap and water
  • Eye contact: flush with water

Cleaning Firewall II concentrate

seat drop 3Cleaning procedures for items that have been in contact with the gel concentrate are similar to spill cleanup. As much concentrate as possible should be wiped up with disposable towels or rags. The remaining thin layer of concentrate can either be deactivated with Gel Buster1 or be exposed to water, allowed to hydrate, and then rinsed off. One way to hydrate the gel is to allow the item to soak underwater overnight, and then complete the cleanup the following day.

Clothing that has been contaminated should have as much polymer as possible wiped off. The clothing should then be immersed in a bucket of water and allowed to soak overnight. The next day, a high pressure garden hose should be used to rinse the clothing until the presence of gel is minimized. Normal laundering is then in order.

All contaminated cleaning products, Gel Buster and solids must be disposed of to meet state, federal, and local laws.

Tanks, pumps, valves fittings, etc. must be cleaned and all moisture must be removed before any Firewall II is reintroduced.