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Firewall II Water Enhancer Plant (WEP) is registered with R-5 North Zone as an Incident Only Resource.

For current fire support, Firewall II is available at a full service per finished gallon price with scalable Water Enhancer Plant support equipment to meet the incident needs.Once  our Gel Plant is assigned to an incident and circumstances change, we can be relocated easily and at no cost to you.  Depending on the availability of water, ready-to-run relocation can occur in less than five hours. To assist you in the ordering process, attached to this page is a draft Emergency Equipment Rental Agreement form OF-294.

Dip Site Plant 1

Self-contained unit consists of:

  • 1- Water Enhancer Plant
  • 1- Generator
  • 2-10,000 Gallon Tanks

Dip site Plant 2

Full Service Mobile Water Enhancer Plant capable of mixing and loading:

  • Product: Firewall II
  • 320 feet of 3” quick-connect coupled hose
  • Connecting hoses fittings, loading hoses and valves
  • Gel Testing Kit (Marsh Funnel)
  • Plant tool kit and spare parts
  • 2,000 gallon collapsible Water Supply Tank


Additional Equipment Available
(when ordered by the Government)

  • 16,000 Mixed Product Tank
  • 16,000 Clear Water Rinse Tank
  • Portable Pump Gas Powered 3” x 3”
  • Type 3 Fire Engines

Water Source

The Agency will provide a water source supply capable of delivering 350 GPM to the plant and any Hose (2-1/2” fire hose – N. H. coupling thread) required beyond that carried by the plant. Fuel for plant operations will be furnished by the Agency.

Order from:
Firestorm Wildland Fire Suppression Inc.
1100 Fortress St. Suite 2
Chico CA 95973

Jess Wills
(530) 898-8153